It is midnight on the longest day of the year and it is a brillant northern night so the sun hardly sets. The colors are rather strange in the half light of not quite day and not night - almost dreamlike. I imagine I park my car on the side of the highway (Klondike HIghway South en route to Skagway, Alaska). I take down my canoe and paddle across the lake (Windy Arm, Tagish Lake). When I get to the other side I beach my canoe and stare back at the mountains above the highway on the other side. It is magnificent!


This is an original acrylic painting by Heidi Hehn on handstretched cotton canvas. Included with the painting is a signed Certificate of Authenticity/Provenance containing details such as its unique inventory number as well as details about the purchaser. This not only ensures it was purchased directly from me and is an authentic original but proves that the name on the certificate is the legal owner.

Midnight Paddle, 20"x 34"

  • Specific Care Instructions will be sent with the painting or emailed.