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These Images are my stories ...


I have always loved a good story but ... have never had the patience to write one. Instead I have opted for the brush. As they say -  a picture is worth a thousand words. 

I travel (sketch, hike, fish, photograph and birdwatch) especially around the north in Alaska, Yukon and Northwest Territories, British Columbia and Alberta. This has afforded me a first hand look in at northern land, wildlife and society as they really are. I have never been bored or disappointed even after over 40 years. And I love to study behaviour whether flora or fauna or people! Hence the stories which I concoct.

My other thing is color. The north has the most brillant colors due to less light interference and less 'stuff' in the air.  So the amazing clarity of the atmosphere allows the colors to remain far more vivid - so vivid most people don't believe these colors actually exist until they have stayed here for a year or so. I am often accused of making up my colors. Not so. I actually premix a lot of my colors to suit specific places, for example: Dempster Grey, Tuktoyaktuk Pink, Yukon River Green and so on.

Please respect the fact that these images are are my creations reproduced from my original paintings and are copyrighted by me under international law. Do not print them or download them or use them as derivative art. After all the joy of art and design is coming up with something no one else has done - something YOU have uniquely created!

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